Residential Garage Door Repair

When Your Residential Garage Door is Broken, Superior Has Got You Covered

We understand how important it is to get your Garage door fixed in a timely manner, that’s why we operate 24 hours of the day. Whether you have an issue with your Garage Door rollers, springs, hinges, and lifting cables – we have have got you covered! Our Experienced Team will make sure that you are satisfied with the job. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority for garage door repairs.

Protect your cars and your home today by scheduling top-of-the-line garage door repair services from Superior Garage Doors. 

garage door spring repair

Types of Residential Garage Door Repair Jobs

  • Lifting Cables: Your door could have lifting cables, which are attached to the door’s springs and aid in opening and closing it.
  • Springs: Springs are an essential part of the counterweight system used in garage doors. This system is what makes it possible to open and close the door with one hand. Springs are typically one huge coil at the top of the door. Some designs also have secondary springs located over the door tracks. Secondary springs are more common on heavier styles of doors.
  • Hinges: The hinges are located in between each sectional piece of the door. They help to keep the door in place and allow each section to bend as the door is opened or closed. You can tell the quality of the door by looking at the hinges. Better-quality doors use double hinges, which better support the weight of each door section.
  • Door Rollers: On the side of garage doors are small rollers or wheels. As the door is opened and closed, the wheels should turn freely inside the door tracks. If you want a quieter opening door, consider upgrading from galvanized steel to nylon door rollers.